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SuiteMed provides integrated Software Solutions supporting the primary process of healthcare delivery - solutions that connect physicians, patients,labs,pharmacies, and long-term care facilities.
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SuiteMed provides integrated Software Solutions supporting the primary process of healthcare delivery - solutions that connect physicians, patients,labs,pharmacies, and long-term care facilities.
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About SuiteMed LLC.

Developed by practicing pharmacists and physicians, SuiteMed LLC provides an innovative suite of intelligent, integrated, and intuitive Software Solutions combining both Practice Management, Electronic Medical Records and an advanced web based Patient Portal supporting the primary process of healthcare delivery. SuiteMed's revolutionary software solutions connect physicians, patients, pharmacies, insurances, and long term care facilities nationwide. Providers are empowered with innovative tools that enhance the efficiency and profitability of their practice and the quality of care they deliver to their patients. These Software Solutions include Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), Intelligent Dental Software (IDS), and Intelligent Radiology Management Software (IRMS). With any of SuiteMed's integrated solutions, service continues to be the first priority.

SuiteMed provides clients with expert knowledge in the following areas:

Arrow Integrated Electronic Health Record
Arrow Exceptional Web-based Communications Portal
Arrow Comprehensive Practice Management
Arrow Expert Pharmacy Management
Arrow Intelligent Radiology Management
Arrow Flexible Healthcare Documentation
Arrow Secure Access
Arrow Information Assembly
Arrow Information Utilization
Arrow Regulatory Compliance

SuiteMed products are designed to deliver operational efficiencies:

Arrow Improving reimbursement
Arrow Enabling information availability
Arrow Assuring information accuracy
Arrow Expediting clinical decision making
Arrow Improving patient care
Arrow Fostering communications
Arrow Leveraging current technologies
Arrow Compensating for Business and IT staff shortages
Arrow Maintain Regulatory compliance
Arrow Ensuring patient safety and reducing medical errors

Recent successes include:

Arrow Clients use SuiteMed's Intelligent Pharmacy System (IPS) to grow revenues from $600,000 per year to over $15,000,000 per year effortlessly and continue to save over $600,000 per year
Arrow Clients use SuiteMed Intelligent Pharmacy System (IPS) to fill 500 Rx's per day with one Pharmacist, one intern, one tech, two clerks and one ScriptPro
Arrow Clients' cash flow has increased over 40%
Arrow Clients have saved in excess of $60,000 a year in dictation fees through the use of Intelligent Medical Software (SuiteMed's Electronic Medical Record System)
Arrow Clients' average of $80,000 per month in outstanding charges waiting for referral has dropped to $400 per month and as a result, bad-debt write-offs have been reduced over 90% - through the use of the Billing Module contained with the SuiteMed Intelligent Medical Software (IMS)
Arrow Clients A/R is significantly easier to manage due to a powerful SuiteMed billing module, enabling follow-up, rebill and reprint of claims in a click
Arrow Clients' monthly IT expenses were reduced over 87% after implementing IMS
Arrow Clients significantly reduced missing or misfiled charts after implementing IMS
Arrow Clients instantaneously access patient records instead of waiting 15-30+ minutes
Clients have successfully installed and fully implemented the following solutions within a few week period:
- Scheduling
- Billing & E-Claims
- Check-in Check-Out
- Auto Check-in
- Prescription Management
- Document Management
- Multi-Scan
- Fax Management
- Reminder Module - Collections
Founded in Oakland, California, SuiteMed has emerged as one of the leading providers of expert pharmacy and fully integrated ambulatory care health information management solutions in North America.

SuiteMed offers:

Arrow Functionally-rich modules that provide a clear, powerful, and sensible path to a fully automated, electronic medical record environment
Arrow Solutions based on out-of the-box standard, open technology that allow you to capitalize on your investments in hardware, software, and staff knowledge
Arrow Scalable, system-wide capabilities
Arrow Expert work-flow and integration
Arrow Focused, professional customer support and implementation services
Arrow SuiteMed combines in-depth knowledge of healthcare processes, system installations, and training with the most comprehensive range of solutions, support, and services available.

SuiteMed: The Choice for Your Organization

Built for Production
SuiteMed solutions boost the effectiveness and productivity of your organization. Each solution is designed by healthcare professionals to meet real-world priorities and solve real-world problems. Seamless integration ensures that data is entered only once at the primary source and used to throughout your entire organization. The knowledge and flexibility built into each SuiteMed application allows facilities to maximize their productivity in the shortest amount of time.

Standard Technology
SuiteMed is committed to delivering the best value to customers through powerful systems that use today's standard and most reliable technology. SuiteMed provides HIPAA-enabled, Microsoft® Windows® -based systems. In addition, SuiteMed employs Sybase and other databases to ensure the highest degree of flexibility and access.

Implementation and Support Services
At SuiteMed, client satisfaction is our number one priority. To ensure complete, customer-focused service, SuiteMed provides thorough and flexible implementation, training, and customer support services. Implementation and training is provided by experienced and knowledgeable SuiteMed staff members.

SuiteMed provides comprehensive customer support. You and your staff will always be able to contact SuiteMed through twenty-four hour, seven day a week, direct online and/or toll-free telephone support. All clients enrolled in SuiteMed's support programs receive software upgrades and enhancements at no additional cost.

Additionally, SuiteMed offers top-of-the-line implementation and technical services, including: new system development, implementation across multiple facilities, pre-integration testing, data conversions, data pre-population, and interface development.

Our staff is available to help clients achieve their goals, work more effectively and efficiently, and maximize their investment in SuiteMed solutions.

In this turbulent environment, healthcare organizations need a sound business partner with solutions to streamline financial operations while improving patient care. SuiteMed will be there, providing superior solutions and effective support to the success of your entire organization.

For additional information about our products and company, please contact us at (877) 682-7482.


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